Transportation = independence. Many seniors who don’t drive consider themselves a burden to others, especially when they can’t access public transportation (and only 4% of the elderly use public transportation). Most people hate to ask for help, so they will just do without going out, and perhaps do without food for a while.

Our volunteers provide free rides for seniors to medical/health-related offices, grocery stores, barber/beauty shops, banks, activity centers, various errands, support groups . . . and more. For some of our elderly neighbors those short trips are the only times they leave their homes each week.

Drive a Senior provides customized rides to best meet our seniors’ situations:

  • curb-to-curb for riders who are fairly agile and independent;
  • door-to-door for those who need some assistance
  • door-through-door, when the riders request the volunteer stay by their side.

Enroll with Drive a Senior

To qualify for Drive a Senior services, please fill out the form and describe your needs in the comment box (* = required ). Form contents are secure and encrypted during transmission for your safety.

TO BE ELIGIBLE for free rides for seniors: the seniors must be non-driving or limited driving, over age 60 (Age 65 in South Austin) and living in their own home or with family members — within the boundaries of one of our service areas. They must be able to walk on their own or with walkers or canes (although volunteers may offer a steady arm). Volunteers cannot transport wheelchairs or provide assistance with transfers to/from wheelchairs. If wheelchairs are available at the destination, volunteers can provide help finding one and getting the senior rider situated.

COST: ALL Drive a Senior services – including transportation – are provided AT NO COST to enrolled clients, although donations are gratefully accepted. (Group trips may be offered in some of our service areas. Contact the location in your area for details.)

To enroll and set up an appointment to qualify for our services, please click the ENROLL NOW button above and fill out the online form.